By connecting with us, you are agreeing with our (Healthetive) terms and condition and sharing your data. This page is the ‘Privacy Policy‘ page, which will make you clear, what kind of data we are collecting from you, and what we are doing with the information.

Data Collection

We collect some data from the details provided by the customers during the registration time. This is only for the betterment of the site and our site marketing. For this, we use some cookies. See the below following list to know, what kind of information we collect from you;

  • Your name
  • Mail Id
  • Mobile No
  • Your location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Payment Type

What We Do With the Data

We use the information to recognize your choices. This information helps us to improve our services. This is also used to give you a better web surfing experience.

We save your data on our site. So when you communicate with us, you need not provide your details again and again. You have to do it just once.

Your information is used to save your login details, images, and web pages you visited. So that the next time when you visit us, we can reload your web page faster.
We use your details to notify you about our new products, discounts, offers, or any change made on our site.

When We Share Your Data?

In some necessary conditions, we share your data with some other parties. The conditions are;

  • It is shared with payment provider third parties to complete the payment process.
  • We share your information with the third-party courier service provider to complete the delivery of your goods.
  • We will share your data when the government will ask us to do so for any legal process or anything under the governing law.


Healthetive ensures the safety of your information. We respect your privacy and it is valuable to us. We can change or update our privacy policy anytime. You will be notified about the modification. If you disagree with any of our policies, then kindly do not visit our site. If you have any queries or want to give a review of the policy, then get in touch with us at