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Tramadol is considered one of the strong painkillers and belongs to a group of medicine called opiates or narcotics. Severe to moderate ongoing pain is treated with the use of Tramadol.

In the year 2020, with an active user of more than 17 million prescriptions in the USA. Tramadol became the 35th most commonly prescribed painkiller.

The brand version of Tramadol is available in the market and sold under different brand names worldwide like Ultram, Ultram Er, and Conzip. It comes in various doses of 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg & 325 mg.

Note:- Tramadol can be only brought with the presence of a valid prescription.

Who Can & When To Use?

Children above 17 years of age can take Tramadol as per prescribed by the doctor.

Tramadol isn’t advised until and unless a patient is not getting relief from other non-opioid painkillers or by any other treatments. It is directed to use when a patient is suffering from severe pain, especially after an operation or post-surgery. In some cases, patients use it during the treatment of cancer to reduce pain. As Tramadol completely can’t cure the pain but lessens the sensation to an extreme case.

In case of patients who need Tramadol around the clock, should consume it at a particular time every day. The gap between the doses must be at least 8 hours to avoid an overdose of it. Sometimes overdose results in addiction.

How Tramadol Reduces The Pain?

It mainly works like other opioids by binding with the opioid receptors present in the body and affecting the nerves in the central nervous system. Resulting in transmitting the pain differently (which is usually low) to the body than the usual pain a patient is suffering from.

How Long To Use It?

It completely depends on the Doctor by seeing the patient’s health condition. Until and unless the patient is wholly recovered or not feeling the same pain before the use of Tramadol. But don’t stop taking Tramadol suddenly, it can result in certain withdrawal symptoms. Making a patient feel uncomfortable for some days.

Availability Of The Doses and Its Basic Use:-

It comes in 4 different milligrams(mg) or you can say power. The dosage is directed by the doctor according to the patient’s health condition. Generally, every patient is advised to start with a basic dose or low dose to see its effectiveness compared to the pain. The available doses in the market are:-

The procedure to use all of these above doses is the same. Take the medicine orally along with food. Don’t chew or break it down in half. Mainly don’t forget to use it as per directed by the doctor.

Identification Of Variants:-

As mentioned in the above topic about the availability of variants. Here you are going to get an idea of how to identify them by their shape, size, color, and imprints on them.

Milligrams  Shape & Color Imprints
Tramadol 50 mg White & Circular 1|5
Tramadol 100 mg Faded White & Oblong 019
Tramadol 200 mg White & Circular L011
Tramadol 325 mg Brown & Oblong AN 617


There is no special storage for Tramdol. But still storing advice is directed at adherence to the US Medical & Government Norms. So check the below-provided storing tips for the safe use of Tramadol.

  1. Storing medicines in the proper place help to get the same at a time of need or urgency.
  2. Keep it accessible to you only. As It can be misused easily because of its opioid presence.
  3. Never expose directly to sunlight, heat, or moisture, which can lead to the soiling of Tramadol.
  4. Don’t let the children reach out for medicines.
  5. Proper disposal should be done in case of expiry or of no use.

Warnings & Precautions To Be Taken:-

Prior to the use of Tramadol, it is very much essential to check the patient’s baseline liver function test. Because the presence of hepatic metabolism can lead to hepatoxicity.

After examination, the Doctor should continue to monitor the patient’s liver function, blood pressure, respiratory system, and mental status.

Proper monitoring should be followed to avoid the side effects that could lead to serious health issues. Below mentioned are the categories that should be restricted or limited to the use of Tramadol:-

Pregnancy & Lactation:-

The use is considered not safe while pregnant. Which will cause reversible withdrawal withinside the new child baby. A study in France, states that miscarriages existed due to the use of Tramadol. While using it during lactation, the infants were exposed to 2.88% of the total dose consumed by the mother can cause early drowsiness in the baby.


The use is not advised for children until it is prescribed by the Doctor. After an investigation from the FDA regarding the age of children for the use of Tramadol. It is found that 17 and above year of children can be prescribed Tramadol as a safe painkiller during their treatment.


In the elderly category, the use of Tramadol can give certain repercussions. Such as respiratory depression, cognitive impairment, and sedation increased are seen. And while the interaction of Tramadol with other drugs can also increase the chance of adverse effects.

Liver & Kidney related:-

A person suffering from liver & kidney diseases should be cautious and use Tramadol under Doctor’s supervision. An intentional or accidental overdose could lead to respiratory arrest.

Interaction with other drugs:-

Properly read the usage instruction while using Tramadol. It is always better to talk with Doctor about the usage of any other drug while using Tramadol. In order to avoid uncertain situations which can be serious.

Using Tramadol by following doctors’ guidance will lead to improvements in health. So it’s always better to let the doctor know about the previous health conditions and any recent use of other medications. So that the interaction of drugs will not result in any fatal incidents

Common Side Effects Of Tramadol:-

Painkillers usually show side effects when used for long-term treatment. In the case of Tramadol, the possible side effects can be:

  • Feeling dizzy
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Low energy
  • Chills
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Loss of memory

Serious Side Effects:-

Side effects can occur because of medication dependence, and overdose. Read the following to know in detail;

Dependence & Withdrawal:-

Patients getting long-term treatment through Tramadol create a habit-forming & use it in mild pain also. Even the prescribed dose leads to dependence and withdrawal both. It usually happens when the body becomes chemically addicted from the use on a continuous basis.

And becomes habit-forming as the body needs Tramadol frequently and on a larger dose to feel the same effects.

While talking about withdrawal, Tramadol usually lasts in the body for 5-7 days. Depending on the mental or willpower of the patient to control the pain. But after the last dose, the patient feels uncomfortable and takes time to adjust to it. As the brain starts to adapt to the pain naturally without the use of Tramadol. During the withdrawal period, symptoms like nausea, anxiety, depression, cravings, and confusion can be seen.

So it’s better to taper off slowly from Tramadol rather than sudden discontinuation of it.


Accidental overdose can result from excessive use of Tramadol. And the risk factors such as respiratory depression, addiction,  and seizures can be seen. The only thing that can save from overdose is Naxolene an injection that reverses the toxic effects.

Death from Tramadol overdose rarely occurs when it is used with alcohol or any drugs.

How To Buy Tramadol Online?

Tramadol is an opioid and a prescribed drug, it is not possible to get over the counter. And doing so is completely illegal. But to make Tramadol a worldwide used medicine big pharmaceutical companies have started their operation to sell tramadol online. But only with the presence of a valid prescription. And in case anybody isn’t having.

Commonly Asked Questions

When will a person feel better?

After consumption, Tramadol usually starts working within 30-60 minutes. And can last up to 4-6 hours.

Can anyone become addicted to Tramadol?

Yes, it can be addictive. And for that reason, the doses are always regulated and checked by the Doctor. Mainly it depends on the type of treatment one patient is undergoing.

Which medicines are needed to avoid when taking Tramadol?

Medicines that are used to treat depression should be avoided. Combining both can result in serious health effects.