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Restoril is a familiar medicine used to treat insomnia. It is sold under the generic drug named Temazepam which is a depressant that produces hypnosis and sedation. Commonly used to treat patients experiencing short-term insomnia for 1-2 weeks.


Taking Restoril helps an individual to fall asleep faster resulting in completing the sleep cycle by reducing the frequency of waking up in the middle of the night.

How Restoril Works:-

Restoril rapidly absorbs in the body and significant hypnotic effects begin in less than 30 minutes and can last for up to 7-8 hours. Ultimately the consumption of Restoril affects the central nervous system by slowing down the connection between the brain and the body, helping a person to sleep better.

How To Use:-

Before consuming any medicine, every time it is advised to visit a Doctor or a medical supervisor for proper usage that will improve the health conditions. So first read the prescription carefully or ask any pharmacist in case of any doubt.

Restoril comes in tablet form and can be taken orally with food or without food as instructed by the doctor. Usually, it is taken at bedtime as it makes you fall asleep faster. Don’t take more or less of it often, rather use it strictly as directed by the Doctor. Take Restoril only when you are having a period of 7-8 hours to sleep completely. Incomplete sleep or waking up before the mentioned time of sleep can result in memory loss.

Use Restoril only for the required number of days as per advised by the Doctor. If you see any changes kindly consult your Doctor and don’t stop taking it without informing the same.

Ask for a medication guide from the Doctor or you can visit the Foods And Drugs Administration(FDA) to obtain a medication guide to keep a track record of the use of Restoril.

Available Dosages:-

There are 2 types of variants for Restoril available in the market:-

  1. Restoril 15 mg
  2. Restoril 30 mg

The usual normal dosage considered for adults and elderly people is mentioned below:-

  • Adults:- The elementary dosage is usually 15 mg to get better sleep and if the conditions don’t improve then it can be increased to 30 mg only with the advice of a Doctor.
  • Elderly People:- Coming to this age group, the 15mg is considered consistent for better sleep latency until the health is determined further.


  • Keep the medicine in a closed container at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Don’t throw it away anywhere rather dispose of it properly.

Precautions Before Using Restoril:-

Before using this medication talk to the Doctor about previous medical history or any allergies one is having. So that the interaction with Restoril will not cause any serious health issues afterward.

As this drug makes a person feel drowsy so don’t involve in any kind of driving activities or activities that requires alertness.

Talk to your doctor if you are using alcohol or any drug substance before the use of Restoril.

Side Effects Of Restoril:-

The side effects extend to certain things and can be in different ways:-

Normal Side Effects:-

  • Headache
  • Agitation
  • Hallucination
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness

Allergic Reactions:-

Restoril can cause severe allergic reactions and if it persists call a Doctor or visit the nearest medical shop for safety purposes.

  • Hives
  • Difficult in breathing
  • Swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat

Withdrawal Symptoms:-

Whenever a person is ready to give up on Restoril after seeing improvements and seeking advice from a Doctor, he\she may face withdrawal symptoms. As the brain will again try to balance or learn to produce GABA on its own while making the person feel uncomfortable.

The symptoms will gradually vary from day to day after the individual stops using Restoril.

Possible symptoms are:-

Day 1-3

Day 4-7

1 Week Beyond

General Discomfort Seizures A little bit of Anxiety, Panicness
Insomnia Depressions A little bit of Irritation and Fatigue

But usually, with the day’s passing away, a person will get back to the normal lifestyle. And can enjoy life in a holistic way. Being dependent on any medication makes a person addicted to that particular drug.


Long-term use of any medicine will cause addiction to that particular drug resulting in dependence which will turn into a portion of food for them. So it’s better to consult a Doctor if you are not able to stop using Restoril before it makes you a worshipper of it.

Overdosing on Restoril can result in depression and create suicidal thoughts or similar kinds of thoughts in the mind.

Best Over The Counter For Restoril:-

As Restoril is considered a Controlled Substance IV and is used to treat insomnia, it’s hard to buy or get it without a prescription.

But the best over-the-counter or without prescription medicines is Unisom Sleeptabs( Doxylamine).

The features of the Doxyamine generic name for Unisome Sleeptabs are:-

  • Treats allergy symptoms and helps to sleep
  • Least side effects
  • Not habit forming like other sleeping aids
  • Can be used for common colds and seasonal allergies
  • Available in chew, liquid, and tablet form

Using Restoril During Pregnancy:-

In most cases, it is considered not to use Restoril during pregnancy. As in some of the studies it is seen that link with Temazepam can lead to problems with the baby’s development and could make the baby feel drowsy after birth also.

But still, it’s better to consult and get instructed by a Doctor if somebody is wishing to continue Restoril.

How To Buy Restoril Online:-

Isn’t it better how things are changing rapidly in this modern world? From computers to tablets, from going to stores to getting things online at your doorstep. These transitions have impacted the whole world in assisting in a convenient and better way.

So pharmaceutical companies have also revolutionized by doing the same, like making medicines available online. Buying a wide range of prescribed medicines isn’t difficult anymore just attach your prescription while ordering online and get it at your doorstep. Doesn’t that sound great? Yes, that’s it, now buy Restoril online available in different stores but don’t forget to check first.


Is Restoril a Controlled Substance?

Yes, Restoril is a Controlled Substance Scheduled IV. For which the medicine is only available with a prescription.

What not to take with Restoril?

Things like alcohol and other drug substance shouldn’t be consumed while taking Restoril as this can lead to more drowsiness.

Is Restoril the best medication for insomnia?

The answer to this question may be diplomatic as there are a lot of alternative medicines to treat insomnia. So the impact of Restoril will vary from person to person while treating them.