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Percocet, a pain reliever medicine used to treat acute and chronic pain, is the 69th most widely prescribed medication in the United States. More than 10 million people use it to get relief from pain.

It belongs to a class of drugs called Analgesics, and opioid combos. The medication has a combination of-

  • Oxycodone (The opioid pain reliever):- It works by attaching to some opioid receptors in our brain that lower the pain sensation in the body.
  • Acetaminophen (The non-opioid pain reliever):- Works to reduce the fever that triggers pain.

How It Works:-

Oxycodone( opioid) used in Percocet is the main substance that helps a person to get relief from pain. Usually, opioids work by attaching to the opioid receptors that are found in different parts of the body including the brain, spinal cord, gastrointestinal tract, and nerves. This attachment in the receptors helps to narrow down the pain by reducing the transmission of pain messages to the brain.

Direction For Use:-

Nothing common in this about how to use the medicine. Almost every medicine is used as directed or instructed by the Doctor. Because misuse of medications can cause serious health issues and can also lead to death.

Though it is an opioid-combined medication, you should always follow the Opioid Analgesic REMS (Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy) program to prevent misuse, addiction, and abuse of it. It usually comes with a medication guide and patient information leaflet. Read carefully every instruction before using it.

When in doubt ask questions to the concerned Doctor or pharmacist.

Percocet comes in tablet form that can be consumed orally with or without food as per directed by the Doctor.

Strictly recommended not to use Percocet with Grape Juice. As grape Juice can acts as a catalyst to increase the side effects of Opioid medications.

Availability Of Doses & Standard Use:-

Percocet is mostly available in the market with 4 variants or 4 different milligrams(mg) according to the severity of pain. Below mentioned are the available variants with the standard use:-

Milligrams(Mg) Standard Dose
Percocet 5- 325 mg 12
Percocet 7.5- 325mg 12
Percocet 7.5-500mg 8
Percocet 10- 325 mg 6

While coming to the use of those above-mentioned doses the consumption mainly depends on how your Doctor advises you. See below for references:-

First-time users of opioids:- 

  • Adults:- Initially, 325mg is advised to use every 4-6 hours directed by doctor
  • Children:- As per guidance of The Doctor

Previous users of other opioids:-

  • Adults:- Total amount of mg is directed by the Doctor and also depends on which drug was used
  • Children:-  As per guidance of The Doctor

Identification Of Variants:-

Milligrams Shape & Color Imprints
Percocet 5- 325 mg Light Blue & Round Percocet  5
Percocet 7.5- 325mg Baby Pink & Oval Percocet 7.5/ 325
Percocet 7.5-500mg Pink & Oblong Percocet 7
Percocet 10- 325 mg Yellow & Oblong Percocet 10/325

How To Store:-

Storing of a medicine is usually advised for the proper use leading to easy reach or easy to find at the time of need, safe from getting the medicine soiled and misuse of the same.

Some tips recommended for storing the medicine carefully:-

  • Avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture
  • Keep it in a closed container at room temperature
  • Keep it away and safe from the children
  • Dispose of it in a proper manner.

Things To Know Before Taking Percocet:-

Let the Doctor know about your previous health conditions and if any allergies you are having. So that the Doctor can guide you on the proper use of the medicine which will not result in showing side effects.

Known Side Effects Of Percocet:-

It’s better to have a clear idea about the side effects of this medicine so that an individual won’t panic at that time. The listed common side effects could be:-

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain

All the side effects are not listed here. And If the above-listed side effects remain for a long time then contact your Doctor immediately.

Ask for medical assistance if anything serious takes place like fainting, shallow breathing, seizures, or excess drowsiness.

In rare cases, the use of Acetaminophen may cause skin allergy or skin reaction. Leading to red rashes over the body that results in blistering and peeling.

Serious breathing issues can be seen in elderly people who have chronic breathing problems.

Interaction of Percocet With Other Drugs:-

In the above statement, it is mentioned that always allow the Doctor to know about your previous health condition and any types of medications that have been ongoing. The concerned Doctor can have a clear picture and prescribe how to use it properly for better health.

As opioid interactions with other drugs can cause serious health issues that can lead to death. So let the Doctor know if you use the below-mentioned things:-

  • Other medicines that make you sleepy or slow down your breathing, are painkillers or muscle relaxers, and medications for mental illness.
  • Sedatives like- Diazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, Xanax Klonopin, and others
  • Medication for motion sickness, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Other Over-the-counter
  • Other opioids

The above things mentioned are not a complete list, you can refer to other sites for more information.

Withdrawal Symptoms:-

Sudden discontinuation of any opioid medication can lead to certain uncomfortable feelings or situations for an individual could feel. So it’s advised to consult your Doctor before discontinuation. Some of the known symptoms a person could feel while not using Percocet anymore are:-

  • Goosebumps
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle pain or stiffness

So Doctors gradually decrease the dosage power, leading to permanent discontinuation of the medicine. Through this, the body will automatically adjust to the pain without the need for opioids. And that shows an improvement in the health condition of the patient leading to a better life.

Addiction & Overdosing on Percocet:-

Addiction & Overdose fall under the same category. Where a person can’t control the pain without taking Percocet which is called addiction and that addiction leads to overdose. Both can cause serious health issues and can lead to death.

Symptoms of Overdose are pinpoint pupils, slow down in breathing and respiration, loss of consciousness, cold and clammy skin, etc.

In severe cases, cardiac arrest may occur and can lead to death

So it’s better to consult with your Doctor and try to get out of the habit as soon as possible.

Call the nearest addiction center if you are not able to do the same.

Use Of Percocet During Pregnancy:-

According to a study in most cases it is not recommended to use Percocet during pregnancy as this could lead to a birth defect in the unborn baby.

So it is considered better to consult with your doctor about this.

But Acetaminophen can be used during pregnancy as it is considered to be the safest and most effective painkiller during all the trimesters. As studies suggest that 65% of pregnant women use Acetaminophen during pregnancy. Still, it’s better to take advice from the Doctor for the use of it.

How To Buy Percocet Online:-

Many pharmaceutical companies have already been offering online delivery of medicine. This is an amazing and effective way of getting medicines by just sitting at your home. It also provides the facility of comparing the prices with other online pharmacies and offers a wide selection of prescribed medicine But all these opioid medicines require a prescription to order online. And to curb this problem the same online pharma companies launched a better way of generating prescriptions by some sort of procedure. So it directly helps the world to order medicines online with a click on the screen of your mobile, tablet, or pcs irrespective of anywhere you are in the world.


Why it is considered not to take Grape Juice or fruits while having Percocet?

Indulging Grape juice or eating Grapes while using Percocet can give rise to some of the possible side effects that can cause severity in one’s health. Better to consult with Doctor once.

Is Percocet the same as Oxycodone?

No Percocet is not the same as Oxycodone. As Percocet is a combined drug of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen. Above that Oxycodone is only present in some milligrams i.e 5 mg.

What is Percocet normally used for?

Percocet is normally used to treat chronic to severe pain and is mainly for short-term use. As long-term can cause addiction.